In order to get a position in the sphere of cyber security it is necessary to have the following qualifications and satisfy some specific requirements:

  • to complete an academic or other specialized training;
  • to have an appropriate age category;
  • to pass physical examination;
  • to pass mental examination;
  • to pass background check which should prove the fact that a candidate have no any criminal records;
  • to have a degree of appropriate higher educational institution;
  • to be a citizen of the USA.

I’d like to hold the position of a cyber crime security engineer. It is not a secret that Internet crime rate is constantly increasing. So, cyber crime security engineers are always in demand at the present days. I am sure that I have already got enough knowledge and experience to perform the duties of a cyber crime security engineer in a proper way. I am ready to study different network logs, emails, numerous electronic documents and other important computer records in order to find the evidence of computer crime.

I know that this position requires about 2 years of related experience which includes some experience in network security and incident response. Moreover, it is necessary to be familiar with intrusion detection and forensics. The knowledge of vulnerability assessments and different analytic tools also plays an important role for a cyber crime security engineer. I think that my experience and skills which I have already developed will help me to master this occupation. I think that this work commensurate with my personality and my faith.

It is known that physical demands for this job include endurance, patience, good health. The starting level of pay for this position is about $50,000-60,000 per year. Of course, much depends on the experience and skills of the specialist. According to the statistical data, the average salary of an experienced cyber network engineer is about $77,000 per year and the average salary of the cyber crime investigator is about $95,000 per year. I think that this is a well paid job at the present time what is very important for the further personal development.

I decided to choose the career of cyber crime security engineer because I am interested in computer security and digital forensics. I also have a great interest in investigation of international cyber crimes. I have read a lot about international cyber crimes and I have a great desire to learn more and more in order to become a professional in this sphere if criminal justice.

It is necessary to say that I have already got a lot of useful knowledge in criminal justice which include policing, criminal law, the structure of courts, sentencing, criminological theory. I can utilize my knowledge in some special issues such as juvenile justice, terrorism and multinational criminal justice. (Schmalleger)

Moreover, criminal justice course helped me to learn ethics and moral behavior, organizational leadership and some legal issues.

I think that such crimes as cyber-stalking and hacking, identity theft or embezzlement which are considered to be absolutely new types of crime, should be identified, investigated and analyzed by the professionals who are ready to develop their personalities and to broaden their knowledge.

It is also necessary to say that FBI is the leading law enforcement agency which is engaged in investigation of cyber matters in the USA. I think that a position of cyber crime security engineer in FBI is a prestigious and honorable job. The FBI’s Cyber Division is also involved in counterterrorism and other criminal investigations. The major mission of the Cyber Division is to investigate and prevent different computer intrusions, crimes, which include pirating, fraud, and so on. The other opportunities of the Cyber Division of the FBI include Special Technologies and applications and information sharing and analysis. (Federal Bureau of Investigation)

May be I will have a chance to work for the FBI’s Cyber Division in my future. I will try to do everything possible to use my knowledge to the benefit of our society. At present moment I think it is necessary for me to work in private sector in order to get experience and to develop my skills.

In conclusion, it is necessary to say that cyber crime security engineer is an important occupation in our modern society. Due to the rapid development of informational technologies all the organizations require effective computer security which will prevent different threats and which will allow the organization to work in a proper way. I’d like to say that I am happy that my future career will be connected with criminal justice. I am an honest and responsible person who will never disappoint those people who put a great deal of trust in me.

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