I do enjoy doing my volunteer job. At the same time, this job is really hard because I have to be a good educator and guide for my students. At first, when I have just started my volunteer job, I had substantial difficulties with teaching and tutoring younger students. In fact, I had no idea of how to work with students and how to tutor them. Nevertheless, I talked to my educators, read specialized literature, searched specialized internet websites and I steadily developed my own style of tutoring, which has proved to be quite effective. At any rate, I attempt to establish friendly relationships with my students and I just want to guide them through the learning material they have to learn. At the same time, we have debates frequently and I found out that, when I encourage the debates, my students grow more interested in the learning material and the subject of our debates. On the other hand, they hate, when I start lecturing them, and, now, I avoid it by all means.

My volunteer job is useful for my community but also for my personal and professional development. In fact, my volunteer job contributes to the development of my organizational and communication skills. For instance, as I work with different students, I have to learn how to tutor each of them and I need to find an effective approach to each student to maximize the effectiveness of my teaching. In addition, when I manage to establish positive relations with my students, I can teach easier because teaching does not need such efforts, compared to situations, when I teach new students, whom I merely know.

Moreover, my tutoring job contributes to the development of my organizational skills because I have to plan the learning process; I have to plan lessons, to develop schedules and to organize the learning of my students. In such a way, I develop my organizational skills and share my experience with my students that I believe is very important for them because they learn new organizational skills and discipline from me. At the same time, I acquire new experience, which may be helpful in my future professional career.

In such a way, my volunteer job, which is tutoring, is very helpful for my community as well as for myself. On the one hand, I help my community because I tutor students from low-income families, who cannot afford paying for tutoring, but who are eager to learn. On the other hand, I develop my communication and organizational skills and I acquire new experience, which contributes to my personal and professional development.