At the same time, team members should receive material rewards and bonuses for the improvement of their performance. For instance, team members, who have got the least complaints or gave the most tickets, can be rewarded and receive financial bonuses up to 10% to their salary. The material motivation is very effective, especially if a team is a relatively new and has been formed recently. At the same time, team members need to receive bonuses to feel that their work is rewarded and the team leader appreciate their work. In addition to the material rewards, the team leader should be supportive to make team members confident that they can rely on their team leader. Therefore, they will get help from the part of the leader, when they need that will improve interpersonal relationships within the team.

M2.03 Planning and monitoring work

At the same time, the effective team performance depends not only on the effective motivation but also on planning and monitoring work of team members. In this regard, team members should be involved in the planning process as well as they may be involved in monitoring work of each other. To put it more precisely, the team members should be involved in the planning process. The team leader should meet employees and encourage them to make suggestions concerning the plans of the team work in a short-run and long-run perspective. For instance, the team can focus on planning its work for a month, while, in a long-run perspective the team can develop a plan for several years ahead. The leader should collect information and suggestion from employees and discuss the plan with employees to gain their approval and support.

At the same time, the leader should monitor the performance of employees and the fulfilment of the plan. In this regard, team members may be involved in monitoring of the work of each team member. For instance, each team member can get a questionnaire concerning the performance of other team members and respond to questions in the questionnaire. In such a way, the team leader can collect the information and assess the performance of each employee and the performance of the team. In fact, the team work should be monitored on the regular basis and the leader should introduce changes in the team performance or the plan, if the team performance does not match the original plan. In fact, the team leader should respond fast to any deterioration or change in the team performance. Otherwise, the team may face the risk of the failure of the plan and deterioration of the team performance.

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